Are you ready to STAND OUT and make an IMPACT?


Showing amazing female entrepreneurs how to level up, to create demand for your offer through impactful marketing, to grow the successful business and life you dream about.

Hi I am Lisa

I am passionate about helping you stand out to be SEEN and HEARD above the noise, to find your SPARKLE, confidently STAND OUT from the crowd and GROW your small business. As your marketing best buddy, I use PROVEN marketing strategies that you are COMFORTABLE with to help you be CHOSEN to buy from. And I work locally so everything can be done face to face. Using simple organic marketing, based on proven processes, tools and techniques I have used for over 25 years with big brands, that are easy to implement. Small business success through big brand thinking!!!

Ready to LEVEL UP your marketing. Here is How

The Be In Demand Methodology has been designed and developed based on marketing strategies I used with big brands for over 25 years and evolved for small businesses to easily use. The proven methodology is based on creating demand for your offer, where customers approach you to buy. It can be accessed as a ‘done for yourself’ where I teach you, ‘done with you’ as a step by step course or ‘done for you’ for those who just want their marketing sorted. The choice is yours.

Be In Demand Live

Series of half day marketing workshops for the DIYer who wants to learn how to do it themselves, based on proven processes, tools and techniques

Learn the simple formulas to create tailored marketing content. Be ready to implement as soon as you get home. Confidently craft your messages to attract your chosen customer group. Become the one others watch with easy to do marketing strategies, proven to work with big brands and now redeveloped for small businesses

Be In Demand Accelerator

The secret 6 steps behind the Be In Demand Formula, ‘done with you’ to take you quickly from best kept secret to fiercely in demand

Get serious and take big action to grow to your business, taking you from hidden to visible to stand out from the crowd. Level up your business by improving the professionalism of your marketing.  Become a high output individual in control of your business. ​​Amplify your reach beyond social media, including PR and awards. Learn in a group setting or 1-1, your choice

Be In Demand Intensive

 ‘Done for you’ when you just want it sorted and I do the hard work and you are able to easily implement to accelerate your activity

 Accelerate your activity by choosing the marketing package most suited to where you are today. Amplify your activity by having a tailored marketing strategy. Become an effective scroll stopper using images to attract your customer groups. Identify with your chosen customer groups through compelling copy that makes them want to read and devour your content

To start standing out today, please download my powerful FREE resources and join my small business community

“Lisa was so generous with her knowledge and experience so I am now so much more confident. Thank you Lisa and if you are thinking of investing in yourself and your business, I would highly recommend working with her.“ Sonia Todd, Owner Pilates Gallery

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