Be In Demand Live

The easy way to create content that builds your authority, your audience and your sales. Again and again and again. Imagine being able to confidently develop your content. Oh and it is FREE to attend.

Creating content using a simple formula

⭐️ enabling you to say ‘see ya’ to feeling ‘icky’ or ‘spammy’ as everything you write has a purpose and you know who your target customer group is

⭐️ no more being lost for what to say because you have a library of content ideas you can draw from any time

⭐️ only taking a few hours to write an entire month’s worth of content, which is easy to do – from social media to blogs to emails to updating your website

⭐️ being able to schedule in advance so you never have the feeling of overwhelm or panic, no more random posts that no one engages with

⭐️ feeling relaxed and calm because you control your social media, not the other way aroundcondid

Do You Want To Be In Demand?

And best of all, you are able to focus on other areas of your business you are passionate about, without worrying about what to do on social media.

Imagine how you will feel when...

⭐️ ​You have complete clarity on your message and what you offer to create demand and confidently show up!

⭐️ No more waking up and thinking what do I say to engage my auidence

⭐️ You are able to tell you story in a way that resonates with your potential and existing customers

​⭐️ You decide how to spend your time, no longer chained to coming up with social media, instead increasing your conversion rates

​⭐️ You know you have developed an offer which your audience not only need but realise they need so they approach you

What are you waiting for?

I can tell you with complete certainty that this is possible. Because I have used the proven processes to build my own successful business and used with nearly 100 local small businesses in growing.  It is your time to step into your next phase of growth, which starts here. But before you do, I want you to know…

What makes this workshop different to any others you may have been on or seen? I am not a traditional social media expert or guru because I want to show you how to build marketing tailored to your business which is easy to do and you are comfortable with.

Because what I share in the Be In Demand workshop is proven strategies, tools and techniques I used for over 25 years with big brands from Selfridges to Asda. And what I have used to build my own successful small businesses.

And it works for whatever type of content you need from social media to emails to website copy and anywhere in between. Because there is a marketing world beyond social media.

I am a business owner just like you and use these tools in my business every day, where customers approach me to work with them (no spammy selling here). I did it. And am passionate to show you it is possible for you too.

And is the reason I have created the BE IN DEMAND LIVE.

No theory here as we are going to do it together, no more leaving you to get on with it on your own, rolling our sleeves up and taking action. Just a small group of local small business owners with a common goal.

“I attended a Workshop today and it was amazing! A huge amount of invaluable information which I have already started putting into practice. Lisa is a brilliant presenter; engaging, lively & funny with a genuine interest in your business. I would whole heartedly recommend her & her services, and look forwards to working with her again." Toria Salisbury-Scott, Wild Iris

Included in Be In Demand Live

Part 1 – your customer group and messaging. Understanding who your customer group really is and gain clarity on your message so you never wonder what to post about again

Part 2 – your content. Understanding the simple formula to ensure purpose behind every piece of content to build a tailored strategy, images and copy

Part 3 – implementation and scale. Understanding the different marketing channels and how to scale your offer

And it is FREE so what do you have to lose?