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Are you ready to level up and grow the business you dream of? The Be In Demand Club is so much more than a membership, it is an extension of the Be In Demand Community of local female entrepreneurs, where you have the opportunity to see how you can keep growing your dream business and have the life you want.

In a tailored way that feels comfortable for you.

Hi I am Lisa

I champion female entrepreneurs because for too long many of us have been in the shadows, hidden away instead of stepping out into the spotlight. It is why I show extraordinary female entrepreneurs (if you have your own business, you are one) how to stand out and create demand for what you do, so customers approach you to buy and you grow the business you dream of and have the life you want.

I am on a mission in 2023 to work face to face with 1000 local female to show you how to up level your marketing and be fiercely in demand. I have already supported over 1000 and want you to see marketing is fun, exciting and a passion.
The Be in Demand Club is launching to hold your hand as you grow the business you love working in and on.

Are you ready?

So What Do You Get?

Plus An Amazing Bonus (Usually £250)

Deep Dive Marketing Audit

For a limited time only I am offering founding Club Members a marketing audit to identify quick wins and spot marketing opportunities.  I become your stalker (in a friendly way obvs) so I can identify how you could enhance your existing activity.

The results identify what is working well and how you could improve to generate customers and sales. Including those all important quick wins.