Be In Demand Methodology

No one business is exactly the same as another so working me means a tailored approach, marketing specifically developed for your unique business needs.

I am beyond excited you are here. Because you want to find a different way to grow your business.

In my world, it is as simple as meeting a new person in a coffee shop and having a relaxed chat where you leave having made a new friend.  Where your new friend chooses to buy from you because you understand them and have an offer they cannot resist.

Marketing is about connecting and once you do that, the rest as they say is easy. My job is to develop your stand out message and build marketing strategies that you feel comfortable with and are confident in implementing. So you end up with a completely tailored approach.

I have spent two years developing the Be In Demand Methodology, based on the proven strategies I used for over 25 years with big brands, used to build my own successful small business and shared with my customers.

And there are 3 different ways to work with me (mainly because I love doing things in 3s and psychology backs me up!).

“Lisa has a unique approach. Her method just magically produces extraordinary results. Would I recommend Lisa’s services? Absolutely!!! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lisa.” Carmel, Eco Products