Be In Demand Accelerator

So you want to get serious and take big action to grow to business. Choosing the ‘done with you’ option is definitely serious time, where we work together to take you from secret to visible to stand out from the crowd so you transform from best kept secret to fiercely in demand.

Do you want something different to the cookie cutter courses where you are one of fifty, hundreds or even thousands?  Or fed up of doing online courses where you do not see the creator or maybe once and a while catch a glimpse on a call with a gazillion others.

Do you want an action based course that is tailored to your business?

You just found what you are looking for – where you choose whether to work 1-1 or in a small group. Even in the small group, we will focus on tailoring to your business, whether you are service or product based.

Using Proven Processes, Tools and Techniques

You spent time doing all the things you have been told to do. Bought the marketing courses and the Masterminds. But still not where you want to be, even after investing in yourself. I hear it far too often from the people who approach mw for help. 

Because the things you have been taught are generic and theory based, from posting a gazillion times a day but with what to write to engage with your ideal customer online but not how to build the relationship.

Time to take a different approach, to develop a strategy based on customers coming to you, using marketing that you are comfortable with to get you results.

There’s no high converting sales funnel built to grow your audience and bring in leads. Your copywriting and marketing knowledge is based on theory, which who knows if you’re doing right? It’s tough.

A Fresh, Simple, Fluff-Free Way

‘What makes this course different’ I hear you asking. The Be In Demand Accelerator teaches you how to build and nurture a community so customers approach you to buy. 

You will walk through a 6 step roadmap, enabling you to develop more clarity on who your customers group is, make your offer even more irresistible,  have a compelling message to attract customers and level up your marketing, by developing practical marketing strategies to get real results.

This is for existing businesses (or start ups that already have logos and designs) who are committed to levelling up, want to stop the overwhelm and are passionate about being seen and heard by more customers.

From Secret to Fiercely In Demand’ – 6 Step Signature Programme to ensure you get individual attention to develop your marketing strategy that is bespoke to your business.

Next Group programme starts 18 January, contact me to chat about how it will help you.

Investment £1500

It is a Process Not a Cookie Cutter

Be Clear – digging deep into who your customer groups are and refine your offer to attract them

Be Focused – understand what makes you different, to develop your messaging to make you stand out

Be Seen – learn how to stop the scroll using your images to stand out from the crowd, from photography to developing existing images

Be Heard – learn copywriting techniques to always have valuable content to engage your customers, speaking directly to them

Be Effective – develop marketing strategies to attract your customers, for them to approach you

Be Chosen – discover nurturing potential customers into buyers and cheerleaders

At each step, there is a check-in process to review what you have actioned and the results gained so you can further tailor your marketing activity.

“Lisa’s course is brilliant. I already had a small business but not getting enough customers or sales. Within the first two weeks my followers had gone from 130 to over 500 and engagement had doubled!! Now I have over 2,000, engagement x10 and I am increasing profit month on month. With Lisa’s guidance, I am growing my business steadily and using marketing strategies that I enjoy. Thanks so much”. Jayne Taylor, Taylord Crafts